Catrina recently began Artistic Saguaro Preservation from her home in Tucson. She noticed that over the years, as a saguaro died, or lost an arm, the debris would pile up and become home to various desert creatures. Not wanting to encourage rattle snakes and pack rats to live in her yard, she began clearing the yard of rubbish. Much of the debris was too beautiful to discard. Catrina began collecting and sorting saguaro boots, ribs, skeletons, skins and anything else that caught her eye.


The remarkable beauty of each piece was worthy of display, so Catrina began preserving this debris and Artistic Saguaro Preservation was born. It offers many people a rare, up close, look at saguaros.


Catrina's sculpting career began with La Catrinas by Catrina, original works of art that are inspired by el Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) and the beauty and humor she sees everyday in life. She became captivated by el Catrin and la Catrina while traveling in Mexico. She puts a modern spin on the character she shares a name with. Each la Catrina she creates provides a small glimpse of the person it honors. All la Catrinas by Catrina are meticulously created individuals; each one has a story to tell. Catrina’s sculptures have been featured in numerous Dia de los Muertos art shows, including shows in Oregon, Texas, and New Mexico. Much of her work consists of commissioned la Catrinas.


Prior to sculpting, Catrina's focus was professional photography - food photography, event photography and occasionally product photography. You can see some of her award winning photography here. While she won awards for her photography and found the work was lucrative, it lacked the creativity that she craved. Catrina is one of those 'hands on' type of artists. If she's in, she's in one hundred percent. This passion is part of what drives her Artistic Saguaro Preservation.


Artistic Saguaro Preservation isn't just about creating pretty things, it's an opportunity to educate people about these amazing cactus. Many people see the saguaro but are not familiar with how much desert life it supports. Catrina's Artistic Saguaro Preservation allows them to get up close and personal with our giant saguaros.



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