Catrina Briscoe is an accomplished artist with variety of interests.


The Saguaro cactus of the desert southwest are truly majestic giants. They can reach over 70 feet tall and often live to be 150 years. At her home in Tucson, Catrina, and her husband Derrick are surrounded by these enormous cactus. Occasionally they lose an arm or die of old age. Looking for a way to preserve their beauty, Catrina discovered that even after they die, the saguaro provide beauty and intrigue.


Saguaro boots, ribs, and roots are left long after the cactus has died. The boots are created when a bird pokes a hole in the flesh to build a nest in the cactus. To protect itself, the saguaro creates a 'scab' around the intrusion. It can take decades for the boot to form, the bird that first pecks the hole, may not be the one that uses it for a nest. Considering the lifespan of the saguaro, the boots are probably used by many of our local desert inhabitants.


Each original Desert Art creation begins with a piece of saguaro collected from Catrina and Derrick’s own land. Then they are carefully cleaned and preserved to maintain their beauty. Some pieces are so beautiful they need nothing other than a stand to display them, while others receive embellishment. Given the long history of copper mining in the Southwest, Catrina often uses copper to enhance the beauty of the saguaro pieces.


Saguaro Cactus grow in a very small area of the Southwest, not everyone has the luxury of living in their shadows. But with an original piece of Desert Art by Catrina Briscoe, anyone can enjoy the beauty and intrigue of the Giant Saguaro Cactus.


Catrina has a variety of work available, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the available work page, contact her.


Catrina's award winning photography reflects the beauty she sees all around her. She is often drawn to macro work, intrigued by the fine details. There is significant beauty in the details, and often it’s missed. By sharing her perspective you will see something from an angle you haven’t previously noticed. Beauty and art are everywhere around us.



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